NArrative audio experiences

These pieces could be called any combination of the following: immersive theatre, audio installation, site specific audio work, sound walk, guided meditation....what they have in common is that they are audio works that guide a listener through the space that they are listening in. The spaces are designed with the same care that the audio is designed with, to create a complete narrative experience.

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A hot bath is being drawn for you. Take off your clothes. You comply with the note card. As you're slipping off your underpants, someone opens the bathroom door. You turn quickly, panicked. But there is no one there. It's only the sound of someone. A woman. The two of you slip into the bathtub together, you and the voice. She tells you a story about a memorable bath she had when she was young. She makes your bath memorable too. You leave reflecting about privacy, pleasure and shame.

Installed at the School of Making Thinking 2014, and Hearsay International Audio Festival 2015.




A sound walk into your own bed and your own mind.

Installed at the Oorzaken Festival 2016, and on The Heart 2017.