I used to think I was a sound artist.

I realized I didn't know what sound art was when I thought that.

What I actually do is use sound to tell stories, and marry the magic of theatre to the magic of radio. 



A collaboration with Sharon Mashihi

Imagine an alternative universe, where sound has the power to transform mundane objects into phone calls from your second grade boyfriend, or a piggy bank full of quarters. In this alternate universe we meet Sharon, a woman with a fake unibrow and no friends. We watch her try to escape the 'part of her that doesn't like her', a voice that follows her wherever she goes and makes life difficult.

Performed at Tape Festival 2015, Moog Festival 2016, WNYC's Greene Space 2016.



If the lamp beside your bed could hear, what would it know about you?

This is the story of the love a bedside lamp has for the woman who sleeps in bed beside it. When the woman begins bringing someone home every night, the lamp is full of anxiety. Torn between feeling happy for her and sorry for itself, it ignores the guilt and tries to sabotage their relationship in the only ways it can.

In this piece I use sound to animate an inanimate object. The light becomes a puppet, seemingly alive. 

Edited by Sharon Mashihi

Performed at XOXO Festival 2016, Oorzaken Festival 2016, Wythe Hotel 2017.





A collaboration with Inne Eysermans and Katharina Smets.

When you arrive at Sleepover, you arrive at a magical sleeping palace. There are beds and pillows everywhere---one of them is just for you. You find your place to lie down and listen to the dreamy drone music, it sounds like what the stars might sound like if they made a sound. The performance begins. The light in the room changes in synch with the audio as the stories transform the energy in the space, giving you permission to drift in and out of sleep, or to spoon with a new friend. After a bedtime story, you drift off to sleep and let the sounds create the landscape of your own dreams.

Edited by Sharon Mashihi

Performed at the Oorzaken Festival 2016