public speaking

I love speaking about The Heart, audio storytelling and the importance of emotional truth. Below are some of the talks I've done for festivals, businesses, universities and conferences around the world.

EmCee-ing at the True/False Film Festival. Photo credit: Stephanie Sidoti

EmCee-ing at the True/False Film Festival. Photo credit: Stephanie Sidoti



How to tell personal stories without being self indulgent? How to make people feel comfortable enough to share their deepest darkest secrets on the record? 

How can you maintain your feminist values while working in a capitalist and male dominated media landscape?

When I speak about The Heart (my life's work) I play rich audio samples and discuss sex in documentary, personal storytelling, feminism and queer representation in media. 

NYU, True/False Film Festival, Radio Cinema Denmark.

narrative Sound design

You want to make radio, but you know nothing about sound. Or you're a musician, but you know nothing about story. You know how to produce audio, but you don't know how to make things sound real. I have dedicated my life to using sound and the techniques of music production to create convincing cinematic narrative audio experiences both fiction and documentary. I can give you the tools.

Third Coast International Audio Festival, Podcast Movement 2016, many Universities around the country. Private consulting with shows like Planet Money, Making Contact and Life of the Law.


How do you start your own podcast? What business model should you use? What is the benefit of being on a network over being independent? How is podcasting different from broadcast? How do I get in on the podcast revolution? How do I tell a good story?

WNYC's Werk It Festival 2015, Hudson Square 3D, Soho House, private consultations with companies like tech startup Betaworks.


How do we break way from the formulas and truly surprise an audience? How can we bring audio storytelling to the level of art? Discussing innovations within podcasting and outside of podcasting. Discussing radio play Movies In Your Head, performance work, installations and sound walks, I illuminate pathways into creating experiences that stay with listeners for life.

Radiodays Europe 2016, Union Docs, Skidmore College, Sarah Lawrence College.